Bus schedule Gik! 14.0

Busfahrplan November 2016

Dear friends of the art of cooking!
There are 1134 applications, you are soooooooooo GREAT! We are looking forward to all of you, your pictures and the great feasts you will prepare.
This is the bus schedule for you participants of Gießen kocht! to get to your After-Dinner-Party at the Admiral - A big THANK YOU goes out for the Admiral, enabling us to provide this shuttle service.
We are looking forward to you and the new round of cooking!
Your Gießen kocht!-OrgaTeam
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Register now - Giessen kocht! on the 24th of November

Plakat Mai 2016

Dear chefs and confectioners!
Eagerly awaitet – Now it is finally the time again:
Starting now, you are able to register for the Gießen kocht!-Event on the 24th of November!
The 14. round will be filled with frizzling, sizzling, chopping, stirring and cooking, to experience an outstanding evening together with strangers around a table of good food.
So: Register now, tell your friends, cook your bit, enjoy all of it and share the party at the end!
This way to REGISTER
Registration Deadline is Friday, the 18th of November 2016 at 23:59:59 Uhr.
Please remember, Gießen kocht! is only possible, when there are enough kitchens available!
It does not have to be a large one, improvisation is all...
In case there should not be enough kitchens available, we have to draw people without one out of the event - And this is something we don`t really want to do!
The After Dinner party with DJ Chris Sharp will be at the Admiral Music Lounge.
Have a look at our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter: @giessenkocht
Have fun and let them pots and knives rattle!
Your Gießen kocht!-OrgaTeam
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Gießen kocht! 14.0 - on the 24th of November 2016

was leckeres

Dear friends of the art of cooking,
Gießen kocht! will of course be here in the autumn of 2016, too. And now we have the exact date:

On Thursday, 24th of November in 2016, the day of cooking has arrived!

So: Fix this date into your schedule and tell your friends!
Application opens at the end of October.
We are looking forward to Pumpkin in all variants, casserole, apple crumble & more. :-)
Your Gik!-OrgaTeam
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Happy Birthday, Gik!
Dear Chefs of Gießen,

The 10th anniversary of 'Gießen kocht!' is here!

On the 27th of November we will all celebrate this jubilee.
It will now be the 10th time since the last 5 years, that you shall cook with yet unknown others, taste new recipes and get to know other flats & people in Gießen. And still the enthusiasm is growing!
Started back then with 54 participants, numbers grew to 738 on the last round!
Thank you all for that! We are very excited about the next round!

So: Mark the date, spread it to others and all of you join this event of cooking, savouring and party!
You may apply at our website starting at the beginning of November.
Deadline is the  20th of November at exactly 11:59:59 pm.
For the first time, the after-dinner-(anniversary)-party for all members of this 'Gießen kocht!'-event will be an exclusive party at the Admiral Music Lounge in Gießen. With this advancement, there should be an end to the issues about 'bad' DJs, lack of space and overstrained waiters.
We are avidly looking forward to seeing you in this next round of cooking,
your Gik!-Team
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Gik! 9.0
Dear cooks and chefs of Giessen!
The eagerly awaited moment has finally arrived:
You can now register for the 9th round of Giessen kocht! taking place on 22nd May 2014.
To register, just head over to Registration.
Please remember that "Giessen kocht!" can only take place if a sufficient number of kitchens are made available!
The kitchens don’t need to be huge, sometimes it’s improvisation that counts.
So, please make an effort and let us use your kitchen!
The registration deadline is on 16th May 2014 (Friday) at 23:59:59.
Please register soon, and tell all your friends, fellow students, lecture neighbours, roommates, etc.
Are we going to break the record of the last round (666 participants) once more?

If anyone wants to have flyers to distribute, please get in touch!
Have fun and rattle the pots and pans!
Your Giessen kocht!-Team
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Giessen kocht! 9.0
Dear cooks and chefs of Gießen!
Yearningly long awaited and now finally here: Gießen kocht!
The 9th round will be held on at Thursday May 22nd, 2014.
So, gather you best recipes and you´ll be able to cook and taste all through the appartements of Gießen once again.
After a good meal the party is mandatory, of course!
The After-Dinner-Party will be at the Lokal International (Eichendorffring 111) , just like last time.
This time, DJ "Peppy" will cover the floors with good music and good vibes.
But wait, there´s more - Based on the the evaluating process of last events feedback, we changed -as usual- some things to better fit your expectations. All the changes and the feedback-results can be found here (sorry guys only in german).
We wish to see many of the old chefs once again and also many new faces, so maybe we can beat last events record.
Therefore: Apply here! (Appliance is opening in early may)
Closing date will be friday, May 16th, 2014 at 23:59:59 o´clock.
Please remember that "Gießen kocht!" may only happen when there are enough kitchens available!
Have fun and rattle the pots and pans!
Your Gießen kocht!-Team
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New record + Online-Survey November 2013
Dear cooks and chefs,
we are thrilled:

666 Participants

have feasted and made many new friends last Thursday at the 8th edition of Gik! Thank you very much for the new record number of participants!!!!
So that we can further improve our offer, it would be great, if you could attend in our little feedback survey - it really does not take long, only some short questions.
Just head over to:


We are still working on a publication of photos, recipes, and more. If you like, you can send us photos (preparation, dishes, decoration, etc.) right now, but we need the written consent for the publication of any depicted person.
We say goodbye in the well-deserved hibernation and are back in the summer semester with the ninth edition.
Greetings and 'til next time,
your Gik!-team
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