Registration deadline extended
Dear cooks and chefs,
you're the best. The old record is crushed already, but we think there is room for a little more...
Since the delayed start of the registration, we have decided to leave the registration open for another day.
The new registration deadline:

Thursday, November 14, 2013 23:59:59 o'clock

Have fun and rattle the pots and pans!
Your Gießen kocht!-Team
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Giessen kocht! 8.0
Dear cooks and chefs,
the time has come again: Gießen kocht!
On Thursday, November 21, 2013, the 8th round is going to start!
We are back for searching the best recipes to cook for nice people and to feast in Gießen's apartments and flats. After a good dinner, party should not be missed of course!
The After-Dinner-Party takes place as last time in Lokal International (Eichendorffring 111) .
There are a few small changes to the registration:
You can now also specify if you want to eat vegan, or if you do not drink alcohol. Also, we have briefly summarized the concept so that there are no misunderstandings. ;-)
Based on your feedback from the last round, we have also enhanced the party:
There will be more entrances, counters and waiters, also more space on the ground floor.
This time DJ Landry will be at the turntables and provides you with great party vibes!
We hope that many old and new chefs will be joining us and we might even break the record of last time.
Therefore: Head over to quickly.

The registration deadline is Wednesday, November 13, 2013 23:59:59 o'clock

Please remember that Gießen kocht! can only take place with sufficient kitchens for cooking!
Have fun and rattle the pots and pans!
Your Gießen kocht!-Team
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Gießen kocht! Off to the eighth round...
Dear cooks and chefs,
there we start again. We have started with our preparations for the 8th round of "Gießen kocht!" and evaluated the survey from last time. You can find the evaluation here (sorry, only in German).
Save the date:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sign up for this round will be online on this site around end of October.
Greetings and prepare your new recipes,
your Gik!-team
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Online-Survey June 2013
Dear cooks and chefs,
the 7th round was hilarious fun for us – we hope you enjoyed it too? 
Thank you very much for the new record number of participants - This time 504 people have feasted and made many new friends.
It would be great if you could attend in our little feedback survey - it really does not take long, only 6 short questions.
Just head over to:


We are still working on a publication of photos, recipes, and more. If you like, you can send us photos (preparation, dishes, decoration, etc.) right now, but we need the written consent for the publication of any depicted person.
We say goodbye in the well-deserved summer break and are back in the winter semester with the eighth edition.
Greetings and 'til next time,
your Gik!-team
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New record
Dear cooks and chefs,
it's done, the information mails with your cooking teams and courses are sent off.
We are thrilled:

504 Participants

signed up for the 7th edition of Gik! So we beat the record from last time (468) easily.
Now it's your turn. Team up with your cooking partner and become creative! Call mum for help or ask Granny for her special recipes. And don't forget that your guests are thirsty from the way over.
If you did not receive a mail, please get in touch with us as soon as possible under
We'll see you at the After-Dinner-Party!

Have fun and rattle the pots and pans,
your Gik!-Team
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Dear cooks and chefs,
we inform you in due course:
One purpose (among others) of Gießen kocht! is to meet new people. Please understand, that we can not consider special cooking partner requests or arbitrary allocations.
Quite apart, that you can always cook with your roommate/friend/honey, we are unable to organise such request by the sheer mass of participants. At the end you will meet at the party again and even have more to talk about your different groups and meals.
And: Strangers bite contrary to popular belief not as common as the Bild Zeitung claims... ;-)
If you are not agree with this terms, please get in touch via email to deregister.
Have fun and rattle the pots and pans,
your Gik!-Team
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Gießen kocht! VII: Registration started!
Dear cooks and chefs,
it's time again:

Gießen kocht!

On Thursday, the 06.06.2013, the 7th edition of Gik! takes place.
After a deligthful dinner, the party should not be missing of course! This time it takes place at the Lokal International (Eichendorffring 111). There we are "Back to the roots". Perhaps we will meet an old hand, who was there at the very first After-Dinner-Party :-)
Of course, the Lokal International is not the most central point of Gießen, but fact is, there is NO location in the center of Gießen, which could stand such a massive amount (which we are obviously very pleased of :-D) of enthusiastic cooks and chefs. So we've weighed the pros and cons of all options and decided finally to the Lokal International. Here are a few hors d'oeuvres, why it is not that far away:
  • * There is as usual no admission fee
  • * Cheap prices (Beer about 1,80 Euro)
  • * 2 Floors (one for party like hell, one to chill out and talk)
  • * At e.g. 23:28 leaves a bus from Berliner Platz up to the Eichendorffring
and otherwise:
  • * The way up hill is credited as a digestive aid ;-)

Therefore: Quickly head over for the Registration:

The deadline is 23:59:59 o'clock Wednesday the 29.05.2013.

Keep in mind, Gik! can only take place if we find enough kitchens to cook in!
We will not know your roomates only by "Jane" and "Jim". So please specify the complete name in the form. Thank you.
We are looking forward to all old and many new cooks and then we might even break the record of last time.
Have fun and rattle the pots and pans,
your Gik!-Team
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