Back to the roots
Dear cooks and chefs,
preparations for the 7th edition of Gießen kocht! are reaching the hot phase. So here are some key facts:
Save the date: Thursday 06.06.2013
Sign up for this edition will be online around mid-May on this site for at least a week. 
A corresponding event can be found on Facebook.
After a long search we found a new location for our After-Dinner-Party. This time it takes place at the Lokal International (Eichendorffring 111). There we are "Back to the roots". Perhaps we will meet an old hand, who was there at the very first After-Dinner-Party :-)
Of course, the Lokal International is not the most central point of Gießen, but fact is, there is NO location in the center of Gießen, which could stand such a massive amount (of which we are obviously very pleased :-D) of enthusiastic cooks and chefs. So we've weighed the pros and cons of all options and decided finally to the Lokal International. Here are a few hors d'oeuvres, why it is not that far away:
  • * There is as usual no admission fee
  • * Cheap prices (Beer about 1,80 Euro)
  • * 2 Floors (one for party like hell, one to chill out and talk)
  • * At e.g. 23:28 leaves a bus from Berliner Platz up to the Eichendorffring
  • * The way up hill is credited as a digestive aid ;-)
Until then have fun while cooking and visit your grandma for the newest recipes,
your Gik!-team 
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There we start again
Dear cooks and chefs,
there we start again. We have started with our preparations for the 7th round of "Gießen kocht!" and evaluated also the survey from last time. You can find the evaluation here (sorry, but only in german).
Sign up for the round will be online around mid-May on this site.
Greetings and prepare your new recipes,
your Gik!-team
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Dear cooks and chefs,
great that you have participated in the sixth edition of Gik! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
We have once again cracked the record number of participants – 468 people have feasted on Thursday and made many new friends.
So that we can better consider your wishes and suggestions for improvement the next time, we ask you to participate in a small feedback survey - it really doesn't take long, there are only 5 questions.
Just head over to:


We are still working on a publication of photos, recipes, and more. If you like, you can send us photos (preparation, dishes, decoration, etc.) right now, but we need the written consent for the publication of any depicted person.
Greetings and 'til next time,
your Gik!-team
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Don't be late! For a very important date!
Come on, just a few more registrations and we will break the 332 participants of last round.
Deadline for the registration:

Remember, remember! The eighth of November! Thursday at 23:59!

Therefore quickly head over to the registration, to enjoy all culinary fall-delights on November 15th.
Your Giessen kocht! team
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Media coverage
Dear cooks and chefs,
Gießen kocht! is known all over town and there are a number of news coverage on the web:
your Gik!-team
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Gik! VI: Registration started!
Dear cooks and chefs,
if you are register diligently, we will surely make the 332 participants from last time!
ARGH! So certainly not! Mea culpa!
An overzealous Gremlin has destroyed all data. We should not had feed it after dark ...


Anyone who has registered on October 25th, 2012 between 19-22 o'clock, please register once again.


Closing date: November 08, 2012 at 23: 59!!!

your GIK! team
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Gießen kocht! VI - Save the date
Dear cooks and chefs,
the sixth edition of Gießen greatest cooking event will be held on:

November 15, 2012

Just a little patience, the registration starts close to 25.10.2012.
This time the After-Dinner-Party takes place from 11.00 p.m. in the Ess-Bahn, powered by WG-Deluxe.   
We are looking forward to another round of cooking!
See you soon
your Gik! team
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