What is Gießen kocht!?


3 Courses - 3 Hosts - 1 Party

Yummy food, meeting new people, a great party and lots of fun.


Here the facts:


1. You sign up...

Want to participate? Simply switch to "Registration" and fill out the form! Registration closes one week before the actual event.

2. We will draw cooking teams by lots...

We will try to mix a german and a foreign participant to a cooking team. Of course it's not always working out, but we try our best. A few days before Gießen kocht! you will receive an email with the contact information of your cooking partner. At the same time you receive the info what course (starter, main course or dessert) to prepare and when and where you will be guest for the other courses.

3. What to expect...

Call mum for help or ask Granny for her special recipes or... Team up with your cooking partner and become creative! And don't forget that your guests are thirsty from the way over ... so plan for enough drinks - no matter what course! ;-)

4. And here an example of how you would spend the evening....

To get an impression, you can watch the video in the news section of this website.
Together you will either prepare the starter or the main course or the dessert for yourselves and four guests. In total you will prepare one course for 6 people. You will have the other courses at another team's place with new guests. Let's imagine you cook the main course. In this case, you better prepare the complete course in advance (depending on the complexity of your recipe), because less time is left between the individual courses to completly prepare a complicated dish.
It's starts at 18.15!!!
In our example, you are guest at the first course. So, take your bike, bus or whatever you want and get on your way to the address provided to you for the starter, to enjoy this culinary delight. As much as you enjoy the meal, don't forget to leave from there in time, so that you are just in time for the next course!
Since you would be serving the next course yourself, you should leave a little bit earlier, if there is still something to prepare.
Main course...
It is your turn at 20.00!!!
You welcome two new cooking teams as host. Here, you are either in your own place or in that of your cooking partner; the bigger kitchen wins ;-).
If you find it difficult to say farewell to your newly found friends, don't worry - most likely you will meet them again at the grand finale again (After-Dinner-Party).
So say goodbye to your guests and on you go to the last course!
At 22.00, you meet the hosts for the dessert and the warming-up for the party can begin!
From 23.00 the After-Dinner-Party starts.
Even when the dessert is especially delicious or your tummy heavy with all the good food - think of all the new friends and their cooking tips at the party - don't let them wait!
In the end you will have had a three course meal and met a bunch of new people. Got interested? We look forward to meeting you and your cooking skills.
Your Giessen kocht! Team

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