We have put together a short FAQ to clarify the most frequently asked questions:

When does Gießen kocht! always take place?

Gießen kocht! takes place always at the beginning of each semester. So roughly mid-May and mid-November.

Who can participate in Gießen kocht!?

The original idea is to bring foreign students and freshmans in contact with senior students. But you can also participate, if you are a master-freshman, a PhD student, or in short, everyone with the desire for meeting new people in Gießen. In principle, anyone can participate from 18+!

I'm a vegetarian/vegan. Could I also participate in Gießen kocht!?

Yes, you can ;) There will be seperate cooking groups for vegetariens and vegans. So hopefully everyone receives a dish to his liking.

Where is Gießen kocht! taking place?

Primarily in the city of Gießen! While planning, we consider the distances from one course to another.

Do I switch my cooking partner?

No, the cooking teams remain in place. So you showing up as the same pair from course to course.

Is Gießen kocht! a dating event?

NO! We try to mix the team by origin and also by gender, but that's no single exchange platform!

How many people participate in one course?

A total of three cooking pairs, i.e. 6 people!

Can I participate even if I have no place for 6 people to sit?

Of course! Simply click in the registration form that there is to little space in your home and the menu of your team is thus served in the apartment of your cooking partner.

How much is the participation in Gießen kocht!

Participation in the event and entrance to the party is free. All you have to care for is tasty food and tangy drinks for your guests.

How exquisite and expensive should the menu be?

We leave that entirely to your Budget. Be creative! It is not about the most expensive menu! What comes first is the fun! Just agree with your partner on a cost limit BEFORE you go shopping. And for working people: just remember your time while studying/training as the cash was a little bit more strapped.

I have registered and but yet cannot participate!

Since planning is a bit cumbersome, we ask you to give us a short email notice as soon as possible, if you can not participate!

How do I know who is my cooking partner and where I need to go?

A few days before Gießen kocht! you will get an email from us with all the necessary information!

I signed up but did not get mail from you?

If there is no repsonse from us until Sunday before Gießen kocht!, then please write us a mail as soon as possible!

Can I go to the After-Dinner-Party when I not participate in Gießen kocht!?

If you are not able to participate at Gik! in time, you're welcome to join the Party. But remember, the party at the Admiral has an entrance fee.