By signing this form, you are going to make a binding registration for the 18th round  of the cooking event "Gießen kocht!"

A subsequent deregistration is only possible via mail to and it is only valid after receiving a confirmation email from us. A late cancellation is only causing unnecessary complications for us and potentially your cooking partner.
Please make sure that you are available at the November 22nd, 2018. The event will start around 4 PM this day (and it may get late).
Times for the courses are:

Starter: 18:15 - Main Course: 20:00 - Dessert: 22:00 - Party: 23 o'clock onwards

But bear in mind that you need time to prepare your course previously, since there is little additional time for preparations between courses.
Specifying your roomates is not intended to automatically make you cooking partners, but to the necessary fact, that there will not to be any cooking scheduled at the same time in one kitchen. Therefore, please specify ALL roomates, even shaky candidates. Each one of you gets then gets a cooking partner assigned at random. Please also specify last names, because we work with the names in our allocation system, so multiple Janes or Johns may cause irritations.

If there are less then 50% kitchens available, we may have to resort to dissolving some "No Kitchen" registrations to make it work properly for the rest!



We can NOT and will NOT fulfill any wishes for specific courses or cooking partners!

For further questions you are welcome to read the Concept or the FAQ, or just send us an email BEFORE the application process...


Deadline: Friday, Novmeber 16th, 2018 23:59:59 o'clock